Disable log for grpc.health.v1.Health

Hello !

We are flooded by those logs:

INFO        finished unary call with code OK        {"server": "grpc", "grpc.start_time": "2024-06-12T14:17:34Z", "system": "grpc", "span.kind": "server", "grpc.service": "grpc.health.v1.Health", "grpc.method": "Check", "peer.address": ....

Do you know if there is a way to disable them ? (besides putting log level to ERROR)

Many thanks for your help !


Hi @lpaquet ! You can set the GRPC log level independent of the application log level (logs that we output from Flipt itself).

For example log.grpc_level can be set to ERROR while log.level can still be set to INFO.

Does that help?

Thx, gonna try but I thought error was the default as stated here:

Indeed, I’ve missed something obviously, even with

  grpc_level: error

We’re still having those logs.


  level: error
  grpc_level: error

it’s ok. Too bad to have to increase log level just for the healthcheck don’t you think ?

Yes I think you are right, it is a bit silly to log the healthcheck requests

It seems we can skip the healthcheck from being logged using a Decider function when setting up our GRPC log

I will implement this and have it in the next release.

I don’t believe anyone would depend on these healthcheck logs, so I don’t think we need to make it configurable

Totally agree, many thx Mark !

New release (v1.44.0) is getting released now that will have this fix in it! Please let me know if it solves the issue

Thx, gonna check next week, I’ll tell you