Using flipt authentication

I have pulled docker image in my local and flipt is now running in my local. Can we add authentication in our local server for testing purpose. In Settings → API Tokens , I am getting message Token athentication disabled. How do we enable that? I have see some posts related to config.yml file , where do put this file and what should be content of that file. We are going to use Django for our application

Copying the reply from Discord in case others come across the same question:

In the docker container, the flipt configuration file is at /etc/flipt/config/default.yml which is explained here in the documentation:

You will also find more details in here about how to configure the various authentication methods.

The page one running in docker will also help Docker - Flipt it explains how to mount a custom configuration yaml into the container at the correct path.

if you wanted to turn on token authentication for your Flipt instance, you would add the following to your config file, (ex: default.yml), then mount it in your Docker container like George mentioned using the Docker specific docs.

      enabled: true